Verein zur Förderung von Skateboarding mit Fokus auf Jugend, Kultur und Diversität

Skateboardkurse und Ferienangebote

Neugestaltung Arne-Carlsson SP

“The skatepark is a hub for community life and a catalyst for healthy community life in which young and old socialize, have fun, develop skills, make new friends, hang out and much more.”

Graham Bradley, Professor for Applied Psychology

“In skateboarding, one of the best things you can do is learn how to fall. And a really basic thing that carries over into other aspects of my life is: When you fall, get back up.”

Lizzie Armanto, Professional Skateboarder

“So many failures... It’s astonishing!”

Werner Herzog, Filmmaker

“If you skateboard, you can’t be afraid to have people laugh at you.”

Mark Gonzales, Artist and Skateboarder

“When you ride a skateboard, you are only in competition with yourself. It’s only you, your board and your will power. That’s what has attracted so many.”

Karl Watson, Team-Manager and Skateboarder